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We shape your ideas with best of breed technologies, that support your business strategy for growth and efficiency. You can leverage our experience across the entire growth cycle to take you to the next phase with proven technology and business acumen. From an MVP, to product/service-market fit, to viral adoption and sustained growth, we take care of your entire technology design, architecture, implementation and continued support.

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Who is Vedaham

When the world's best, biggest or brightest companies want to innovate, they rely on Vedaham, to instrument their ideas. We have helped the leaders in Banking & Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Retail, and other industry verticals, as well as emerging startups, bring their ideas to global or national leadership. We are a small, nimble but experienced team, that works with your team or independently to help you reach your technology and business goals.

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What We Provide

  • Digital Transformation

    Whether you are a Global 2000 company or a small organization or any size in-between, digital transformation helps you increase profitability, reduce costs, retain and grow customer base and gain competitive advantage, while reducing risk. We ensure that you accelerate and attain your business goals with a set of proven steps and strategies for the digitization of your business.

    Align Business & Tech As-Is to To-Be Roadmap Realtime Tracking Dashboards Agile Delivery Fuse Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, AI Proven Processes

    This may well be the most important program for your business. Rely on our experience to deliver on the promise.

  • Mobile & Web Architectures

    Your organization’s web and mobile presence/experience, is the first touchpoint into your company’s products or services. We have ensured the world's most innovative companies grow to global leadership through creating outstanding omni channel experiences. We implement the optimal mobile and web architectures that provide the best experience for your customers, and help you reach your goals.

    Cross Platform iOS/Android Apps Native Apps Seamless Offline/Online UX Micro Frontends Responsive Web Stacks Scalable Web Apps

    Whether you are just starting or are well into your Mobile or Web journey, you need a partner that understands the path all the way.

  • Cloud Architecture

    Cloud solutions can drastically reduce your timeline of bringing your ideas to market. But of the various choices of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, what do you choose? What layer of the cloud stack (infrastructure, platform, application, or process) offers you the best leverage? Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM or others, who do you choose? We not only worked with all these, but successfully launched the world's largest companies into the clouds.

    IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Secure, Resilient & Performant Public/Private/Hybrid Architectures Azure/SFDC

    Smoothen your on-ramp to the Cloud super-highway by relying on our experience.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprises today are in a constant state of flux. The need to constantly support legacy systems, update to newer architectures driven by new initiatives like mobile, cloud, big data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and other business priorities. If you're torn by multiple vendor roadmaps, and need a neutral third parties help in making key enterprise architectures that support the new, but also carefully integrate/repurpose the old, we can help.

    Business Architecture Application Architecture Data Architecture Technical Architecture Security Architecture Governance & Talent Mgmt

    Vedaham can help the most complex enterprises with leading change through the EA journey.

  • Emerging Technology

    Technology and Consumer behavior are two of the main drivers of change for a business. Unless businesses and organizations continuously reinvent themselves to cater to the changing needs and demographics of the customer base, they risk obsolescence. Exuberant adoption of Emerging technologies could also be wasteful on the other extreme. How do you navigate a practical yet impactful happy path? We can help with the following

    Blockchain/Crypto Streaming Big Data Analytics Augmented Reality IoT (UAVs, Med/Utility Devices) Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Computer Vision & Biometrics Robotics, 3D Printing

    We have helped the worlds most innovative organizations extend the frontiers of imagination, with practical solutions adopting the above emerging technologies.

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