Cloud Computing

We at Vedaham always ensure that we maintain a snapshot of the solutions or application which we develop, in-case clients want to deploy them over the cloud. These snapshots help us in the installation and integration process in the long run and also ensures smooth performance during the process.

Cloud computing makes it possible for companies to convert IT costs from capital expense to operating expense through technologies such as virtualization. We can deploy the solutions on a public cloud like Amazon or even provide them on a private cloud. Cloud computing improves infrastructure utilization rates and streamlines resource management. For example, cloud computing allows for self-service provisioning through application programming interfaces (APIs), bringing a higher level of automation to the datacenter and reducing management costs and overheads.
The cloud computing model which we use provides a faster and more efficient way of developing a new generation applications and services. Forward-looking companies of all types are now looking at this model to simultaneously reduce infrastructure costs and increase computational capabilities.