Open Source Technology

Vedaham is unique in deploying Open Source technology for enterprise and IT outsourcing solutions. Our solutions can manage and deliver the desired results more effectively and efficiently by keeping the costs as low as possible.

Our Open Source technology makes business more flexible and work management more effective. Besides being less costly and of very high quality, it is often more powerful than most commercially available solutions.

We empower clients by making project progress, problems, and pricing completely transparent. We use open source software extensively as it empowers us to get in-depth knowledge about how an application is constructed, and to fix it or enhance it when needed.

Our open source expertise spans multiple layers of technology, including:
  1. Infrastructure solutions,
  2. Communication and networking solutions,
  3. Geo-spatial and location intelligence solutions,
  4. Enterprise application solutions,
  5. Business intelligence solutions, ERP, CRM, BPM etc.

Vedaham always provides on-going support and life-cycle management for open source solutions we provide.