Virtualization is a broad term which refers to abstraction of computing resources, like storage, memory, network and processing from the physical hardware and offers abilities to use these resources on an 'as needed' basis. This feature enables numerous possibilities for organizations to gain cost efficiencies and enhanced security. At Vedaham, we provide a wide range of virtualization solutions to organizations depending on their business needs. We also propose appropriate solutions for cost savings regardless of need, as virtualization can offer new ways of working and utilizing computing resources. Our various virtualization services include
  • Storage virtualization which is the process of abstracting logical data from physical data. Among numerous benefits, it enables non-disruptive data migration, improved utilization and central management of aggregated storage.
  • Network virtualization provides a powerful mode of running multiple networks where each one is customized for a specific purpose, even without having adequate physical networking interfaces.
  • Desktop virtualization is a server oriented computing model that uses resources from the traditional thin-client model. It gives the ability to host and manage desktop virtual machines in the data center while giving full desktop functionality to end users and its clients
  • Application virtualization is commonly known as the practice of running the desired software from a remote server rather than the user’s system. This ensures reduced maintenance overhead and improved security.
  • Platform virtualization offers virtualization of machines and operating systems. It not only hides the physical characteristics of the actual environment but also shows up an emulated environment to the end user.