Open Standards Commitment

Vedaham has always been committed to open standards. This enables our applications run on disparete client environments without having to make significant changes between multiple installations. Programs developed using older versions continue to run without modification on newer versions, across all platforms. Greater interoperability ensure that partners and other systems continue to cooperatively work with the systems we put in place with minimal changes.
Vedaham always has and continues to incorporate these standards into its products and services. We believe in adhering to industry standards as they are the only way of sustaining and benefiting from extended life of a solution or an application.

We typically follow ITIL, FEAF, TOGAF, BPMN, BPEL, BRL, ISO27001, SOA, and various ISO and IEEE standards in programming, database management, information management, data, information, product and system life-cycle management, security, infrastructure, communications and solutions development and production environments.