Cloud Deployment & Management

Cloud deployment uses an alternate model of computing in which different types of IT-related capabilities are integrated and are provided “as a service”, allowing the end-users to access technology-enabled services over the internet 'cloud' without knowledge of or control over the technology which supports the underlying network. Organizations wanting to stay ahead of the competition and perform more efficiently year on year without huge outlays for IT budget, can benefit from our cloud deployments. Vedaham has designed and developed solutions which not only make applications simple to deploy but also are cost efficient as well for use.
Business now have a low cost alternative of having the latest applications and technologies. Our smart architecture helps companies utilize network resources and applications on the cloud. The benefits of having cloud deployments and management interface are:
  - Cost cutting and savings resulting in improved profits.
  - Paying for only those applications or resources which you use.
  - Savings in costs on the human resources and also savings, which may otherwise have to be made for on-site deployment.

Cloud computing is a concept that incorporates latest software applications as a service. Without the need to invest extensively in developing complete applications, we can leverage shared resources to gain cost savings. We offer management interfaces to maintin the same level of control as you might have in an on-premise deployment.