On-Premise Integration Services

Vedaham's On Premise deployments suit organizations that need greater control and need access to configurations of data, management interfaces and integrated applications. Organizational concerns around security and control over the duration of projects and solutions can be mitigated by opting to use Vedaham's On-premise services.

Some Organizations need to access customer data in real-time from highly customized systems and might prefer on-Premise integrated applications or solutions with resources working for them at their locations 24x7.
Vedaham can provide on-premise integrated solutions for small as well as large organizations, based on duration and number of resources needed. Our On-premise integration services ensure that available resources are deployed within the field locations where clients need work to be performed and where manual intervention is needed for seamless operation of business.

Vedaham maintains snapshots of the integrations and processes at all crucial stages and milestones. We rely on them in case of troubleshooting or even for considering alternate deployment options available to our customers.